Movie Gallery

Movie 1: Overhead animations of the guineafowl pelvic and hind limb bones during five maneuvers. Movie 2: A complex guineafowl maneuvering sequence. Animated bones are rendered relative to X-ray video, standard video, and a fixed pelvis in anterior view. Movie 3: Guineafowl walking fast on a treadmill. Animated bones are rendered relative to standard video and from above to show pelvic yaw during steady locomotion. Movie 1: XROMM animations of a guineafowl walking through poppy seeds and DEM simulated footprints. Movie 1: External video of largemouth bass suction feeding strike. This has been slowed down 10 times, and was originally recorded at 300 frames per second. Movie 2: XROMM animation of the cranial skeleton during the suction feeding strike of a largemouth bass. This medial perspective provides a view of the inside of the mouth, and has been slowed down 10 times from real-time. Movie 3: Dynamic digital endocast used to measure change in mouth volume. The endocast (right) is of a 3D polygon fit to the shape of the mouth cavity, so that as the cranial skeleton expands (left), the polygon also expands and changes shape. Measuring the volume of the polygon at every frame provides the volume of the mouth cavity at each time step. This video has been slowed down 10 times from real-time. Fish Bite Force: X-ray animation sequence: In live X-ray video, a black carp manages to crush a tube full of food deep in its mouth. The size of the tube has a major influence on the strength of its bite. The video also shows a computer animation of its jaw bones. Jump Cut: X-ray video & XROMM animation Fish Feeding: Light video Fish Feeding: X-ray video Fish Feeding: XROMM animation Iguana Breathing: Biplanar x-ray video Iguana Breathing: XROMM animation Iguana Breathing: XROMM animation of sternal ribs 1 and 2 Iguana Breathing: XROMM animation of costal cartilages 1 and 2 X-Ray Video Setup X-Ray Movie: Lateral view X-Ray Movie: Ventro-dorsal view Rotating 3D Models Movie XROMM Movie: Lateral view XROMM Movie: Ventro-dorsal view XROMM Movie: "Chew loops" Duck Feeding: Slow motion light video Duck Feeding: Slow motion x-ray movie Duck Feeding: XROMM animation