XMALab is new software for marker-based XMA and XROMM. The developer is Dr. Ben Knorlein, a computer-vision expert and software engineer at the Center for Computation and Visualization at Brown University.

XMALab integrates distortion correction, calibration, marker tracking, rigid body calculations and filtering all into one program. XMALab replaces all components of the MATLAB X-ray Project workflow. For marker-based XROMM, XMALab generates animation matrices suitable for animating bones in Autodesk Maya.

XMALab development is supported by the US National Science Foundation through an Advances in Biological Informatics grant to PI Elizabeth Brainerd and CoPIs Stephen Gatesy and David Baier.

Download the newest version from the XMALab Bitbucket

See the XMALab Bitbucket Wiki for the XMALab User Manual and xmaportal.org/sandbox for an XMALab tutorial with example data.

Join the XMALab Google Group to be notified of future releases and pose questions to the group.