Rib kinematics & intercostal muscle strain during breathing in Iguana iguana
E.L. Brainerd, D.A. Ritter, M.M. Dawson, and A. Sullivan
Published article

Long-Axis Rotation in Avian Bipedal Locomotion
R.E. Kambic, T.J. Roberts, and S.M. Gatesy
Published article

Birth of a Dinosaur Footprint
P.L. Falkingham and S.M. Gatesy
Published article | Press release

Swimming muscles power suction feeding in largemouth bass
A.L. Camp, T.J. Roberts, and E.L. Brainerd
Published article | Press release

Gape-specific bite force and prey-size specific predator performance in the snail-eating black carp
N.J. Gidmark, N. Konow, E. LoPresti, and E.L. Brainerd
Published article. Press release.

Biomechanics of male and female ACL-intact and ACL-reconstructed athletes during a jump-cut maneuver
D.L. Miranda, P.D. Fadale, M.J. Hulstyn, R.M. Shalvoy, J.T. Machan, and B.C. Fleming
Published article.

Comparing knee kinematics between XROMM and traditional optical motion capture during a jump-cut maneuver
D.L. Miranda, M.J. Rainbow, J.J. Crisco, and B.C. Fleming
Published article.

Marker-based XROMM analysis of mastication in minipigs
K.A. Metzger, D.B. Baier, A. Lin, C. Harper, S.W. Herring, and E.L. Brainerd
Published abstract (PDF,65KB)

Biomechanics of jaw protrusion in common carp
N.J. Gidmark, K.L. Staab, E.L. Brainerd, and L.P. Hernandez
Published article

Kinematics of the quadrate bone during feeding in mallard ducks
M.M. Dawson, K.A. Metzger, D.B. Baier, and E.L. Brainerd
Published abstract (PDF,65KB)

Combining XROMM, electromyography and force measurements to investigate biomechanical and physiological aspects of durophagy in Cypriniform fishes
N.J. Gidmark and E.L. Brainerd

X-ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM): precision, accuracy and applications in comparative biomechanics research
E.L. Brainerd, D.B. Baier, S.M. Gatesy, T.L. Hedrick, K.A. Metzger, S.L. Gilbert, and J.J. Crisco
Published article

Exploratory visualization of animal kinematics using instantaneous helical axes
D.F. Keefe, T.M. O'Brien, T. M., D.B. Baier, S.M. Gatesy, E.L. Brainerd, and D.H. Laidlaw
Published article (PDF,3MB)

Software development for markerless tracking of skeletal movement
L. Sevilla Lara, M.J. Black, S.M. Gatesy, and E.L. Brainerd

Kinematics and mechanics of the metacarpophalangeal joint in miniature pigs
A.B. Clifford, D.B. Baier, T.J. Roberts, E.L. Brainerd, and S.M. Gatesy
Published abstract (PDF,65KB)

Normal and ACL-deficient knee kinematics in walking goats
D.L. Miranda, D.B. Baier, E.L. Brainerd, and B.C. Fleming
Published article (PDF,500KB)

Ventilatory rib kinematics in the savannah monitor lizard, Varanus exanthematicus
Robert L. Cieri, Sabine Moritz, and Elizabeth L. Brainerd

Costovertebral joints in amniotes: to what extent does joint shape determine rib motion during breathing?
Elizabeth L. Brainerd and Sabine Moritz

Three-dimensional analysis of rib kinematics during lung ventilation in the Argentine black and white tegu, Salvator merianae